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Private Group Screenings now available!

Luxe Reel Theatres is now offering private screening packages at Eagle location.

  • Costs - Groups of 20 persons (or less) can have an entire auditorium to themselves for only $99 to $149 (depending on title). Additional guests may be added for $9/ea.
  • Movies - Choose any movie that we’re currently showing, plus from a selection of classic titles.
  • Booking - Online booking is fast and easy. Select “PRIVATE GROUP SHOWING” on the showtimes page, select a time.
  • Concessions - Private group screenings have the option of adding discounted concessions to the package. This include a medium (22oz) soda and medium (85oz) popcorn for an additional $5/per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Private Screening Package?

  • You’ll get an entire auditorium to yourselves, and discounted concessions option.

What if I want to watch a movie that’s not currently showing?

  • Please fill out the form below for a custom inquiry and we’ll see if we can accommodate your request.

How many people can we bring?

  • Private Group Screenings Package price is good for “up to” 20 guests.
  • Additional guests may be added for $9 each.

Can we watch more than one movie?

  • No, there is only one movie per Private Group Screening.

Can we bring in outside food or drinks?

  • No outside food or drink is permitted.

Can we purchase additional concessions items?

  • Yes, guests have full access to the concessions stand at all times.

What measures are being taken to ensure guests and employees are safe?

Are we required to wear facial coverings?

  • Yes, facial coverings are required in lobby areas and restrooms. Masks may be removed upon entry to private auditorium.

Are groups only limited to immediate family members?

  • No, whoever you are comfortable including may be in your group!

Is this available at all Reel Theatre locations?

  • No, this program is only available at the Eagle Luxe Reel Theatres at this time.

Custom Events

We also offer additional methods to schedule and book more customized special events. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a major corporate event, we have a full range of options to make your event a Reel success.

If the Private Group Screenings described above don’t quite work for your situation, please completely fill these fields and a representative from our company will be in touch with a more customized solution.