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Digital Cinema
1hour 52min
5:00pm  1:00pm on Sat & Sun  4/25--5/1 
The Lego Movie  
Digital Cinema
1hour 40min
5:15, 7:15pm  1:15, 3:15pm on on Sat & Sun  4/25--5/1 
Mr. Peabody & Sherman  
Digital Cinema
1hour 32min
7:00pm  3:00pm on Sat & Sun  4/25--5/1 
Lone Survivor  
Digital Cinema
2hour 1min
9:00pm  11:30pm on Fri & Sat  4/25--5/1 
300 Rise of an Empire  
Digital Cinema
1hour 42min
9:15pm  Midnight on Fri & Sat  4/25--5/1 
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* Indicates the movie is scheduled to open at this Reel Theatre location, on the date shown.
** Indicates the movie is scheduled to open at theaters soon. However, this may or may not include this Reel Theatre location.

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